Joe Danger coming to PSN


Joe Danger is his name and being the “The World’s Most Determined Stuntman.” Is his game. A new title from Hello Games is coming to PSN which sees you play a little guy that goes by the name of Joe Danger. His mission is to go from zero to hero by racing like a mad man across 50 beautiful and complete and utter crazy levels to achieve his goal but it’s not as simple as that as Joe will have to show skill and technique to get him there. Pulling tricks, stunts, combo’s and boosting will help Joe get back to the podium.

The game looks great fun as you will see from the trailer below and with some great mini-games in the game which include – Coin-Dash, Bowling-Bounce, Crazy-Puzzle and Target-Grab to name a few and if the trailer is anything to go by, this will be great fun.

One of the great things about Joe Danger is the fact that you can pause the game at any point and edit the level in any way you want to. Drop cars in position, place rings, position ramps and much more and this will be your way of creating the most insane stunts for you to smash world records. Also once you have created a stunt level, you can even share them with your friends online! Fantastic.

To see the official trailer, click below –

For more information about Joe Danger, check out the official EU Playstation Blog entry by clicking here.

Joe Danger will be released very soon and according to the developers at Hello Games, it will be within the next couple of months.

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