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Jon Murphy Hints PES 2011 Key Features


With Penpas starting to stick to the June 1st embargo more vigorously, today’s twitter-watch post comes from none other than PES team leader himself, Jon Murphy.

He’s been on great form again today, answering a whole host of questions, and the key takeaway quotes were:

A shot feint is in using shoot/pass, but it’s new

Spider charts appear to be back in at the moment

There will be more edit options

All great re-additions, and again many things the fans have been wanting back in PES for years now. Last years shot fake was horrendous, I mean it wasn’t even there. And thank god the hexagon shape showing key strengths is back, should never have been replaced by overall numbers that for the most part didn’t make a great deal of sense.

It’s the little things that made PES so great, so with these improvements adding up, the signs are looking very good for PES 2011.

Huge thanks to Pjft, _Anderson and Wesyido for asking the key questions.

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