Jonathon Ross: Wii U Is The Wii On Steroids


TV comedian Jonathon Ross has stated that the Wii U is the Wii on Steroids after his recent trip to E3.

Writing for the Guardian he stated the following:

“Seeing as Nintendo are paying for my hotel they currently have the lion’s share. Which, conveniently, they have also earned, for at least showing us something if not exactly new, at least different, in their next generation home console, the Nintendo Wii U. It’s not new because they showed it last year as well… they promise that it will be out this year, before Christmas, and you will want one.”

“It’s the Wii on steroids – faster processor, better resolution and with delusions of grandeur that has encouraged it to grow a screen on the primary controller that not only serves as a backup, so that you can keep playing if someone else comes in and wants to watch another three days of piss-poor jubilee coverage from the BBC on the main screen, but also adds to the gameplay in some rather fun ways.”

He also said that he was most impressed with Pikmin 3 labelling it as “absolutely gorgeous and introduced a new type of character – the rock-pikmin – and a more immersive, deep-strategy gameplay that seems to benefit from the extra screen”.

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Source: CVG

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