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June 1st Survival Guide


Well we’re nearly there guys. Just a few days left before the moment of truth.

It sounds silly saying that in the month of May, but it seems everyone is pinning all their hopes on PES 2011’s next outing. Personally I feel that’s not only premature, but also dangerous. Giving a final verdict with many months to go before release is hardly practical, but hey, that’s the world we live in. So far Konami have kept everyones interest in check, now they hope to pass the next test to keep you hungry for more.

And so to June 1st, the date that will see websites worldwide release their first impressions on PES 2011. I’ve been in touch with the press in the UK, and have managed to get you guys a timetable of whats to come:


Massive thanks to Tom Bramwell from Eurogamer for his correspondence this week. He’s been keeping me informed day to day, with many things yet to be finalised. At 9am UK time, expect a detailed preview, some screenshots, and a special Eurogamer TV video showing the studio tour, interviews, and (hopefully) some element of in-game footage.


You all know PSM3 by now, and good friend of the site Dan Dawkins. He’s already been collaborating with us, the previous post proves that. So along with their expected impressions write-up, expect all your questions answered in a separate Q&A segment! Interestingly, Dan said the next PSM3 podcast that hits Tuesday features him talking about his playtest for a good 10mins, so that should be worth a listen!

Lets also not forget, PSM3 magazine will be hitting shelves June 3rd. The magazine with have some exclusive content, but with our focus on the online press impressions, it’s something we’ll detail a day before it hits.


The UK arm of the mega games site will be posting up an interview they did with Jon Murphy this week.


The site that homes PSM3’s website will have some content of their own. Similar to GameSpot, they also have an interview going up with Jon Murphy.

And that’s June 1st for you folks! There’s a lot more planned for the week ahead, but lets take one day at a time. Like you all I’m hoping for a day of celebration. While many demand it, I expect much less will happen. I don’t expect anyone to be down on the game, but after such a long time in doldrums, proclamations that the king is back will be avoided even if believed. Expect cautious optimism, in my opinion. After all, still got 5 months to blow your socks off!

I expect to see you all here Tuesday morning discussing the news, don’t be late!

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