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June's Twitter Roundup


There’s been more FIFA 10 questions and answers flying about on Twitter over the last few days than any of us could have hoped for, so as we bid farewell to an exciting month of news and hopefully say hello to an even better one, here is a list of what we learnt during June from FIFA 10 producer David Rutter. There are 33 questions – and 34 answers…

Kieran Sapak (KaspaBCFC): Are you planning to do anything about people using custom teams in clubs and ranked matches before FIFA 10?
David Rutter (ruttski): We’re hassling customer services to scrub the leaderboards, and working on fixing the exploits in FIFA 10 so it won’t be possible

Stephen Coorey (scoorey): Does 2v2 practice work online?
David Rutter (ruttski): Unfortunately not 🙁

Alan Quinn (Quinner72): Any hints [about] what is new in FIFA 10?
David Rutter (ruttski): I’d get in trouble if I hinted about our new crowd animations and player breath on cold days 🙂

Pr0xQuist: Can [you] reveal [anything] about skill moves?
David Rutter (ruttski): There’s new skilled dribbling. Hold [LB/L1] and you can take quick lateral touches of the ball to try to throw defenders

Christian Vollmeier (Stadionfeger): [Is] there any news [about] the [FIFA 09] kit update?
David Rutter (ruttski): We had to abandon the kit update due to licensing restrictions. Sorry

FIFABlog.be (fifablog): Is there a feature to assign stadiums to clubs?
David Rutter (ruttski): Yep, you can assign stadiums to clubs 🙂

Vincent Fouillaud (mongolourk): Will we see rain during games this year?
David Rutter (ruttski): Yes, you’ll see rain and snow in appropriate venues when selected

Aaron Neale (AaronNeale): David, will the MM ‘freeze whilst simulating’ bug be fixed in 10?
David Rutter (ruttski): Yes the MM freeze should be fixed

Jamie Fagan (jamza_7): Are the shots [in] FIFA 10 better so [that] when you kick the ball it [doesn’t] float?
David Rutter (ruttski): Cross-park passes are now generally a lot more driven – [they take] about half the time to cross the pitch. Shots have a lot more variety too

Will Viles (willvbcfc): How about lighting? A [3pm] winter kick-off time should go from dim light to pretty dark during the match. Would add realism!
David Rutter (ruttski): Unfortunately lighting won’t change during the match as we don’t have dynamic lighting

DJGear (djgear): Will GKs get red cards?
David Rutter (ruttski): Yep – thanks to lots of requests you can lose your keeper this year 🙂

Israel Huertas (isrealmadrid): Any news on edit mode?
David Rutter (ruttski): Editing still limited, sorry. We’ll see what we can do for the future

The QVT (QVT): [What about headers?]
David Rutter (ruttski): We’ve done a load of work on headers, [they’re] a lot more driven in the area [or] defered for a volley if there’s time and space in the box

Daegan Fzeric (Gerty23): Will there be signature celebrations like Totti and Robinho sucking their thumbs?
David Rutter (ruttski): I don’t think we have the thumb sucking… I’ll double-check when we get back to Vancouver

Gonzalo (6ons1): Will there be more variety [in] nets and [improved physics]? [Has] the night lighting been improved? Like [it was in] Euro [2008]?
David Rutter (ruttski): Mike Day, art guy from Euro [2008], is [working] on FIFA this year. Lighting like that AND new nets… 🙂

Pr0xQuist: Are there some tiny changes [in graphics], like the faces? And [any news about] Live Season?
David Rutter (ruttski): Lots of improvements to the graphics and animation. But we’re not talking about Live Season until August

Roberto Brundo (r0b3rtZ): Is it possible in FIFA 10 to send the tall defenders [into] the opponent’s penalty box when you have a corner?
David Rutter (ruttski): Defenders go up for corners, appropriately, but new defensive positional priority keeps DMs hanging back to cover

Israel Huertas (isrealmadrid): What about Santiago Bernabeu? Will [it] be in? What about an option to play with Real Madrid’s sponsor logo on [their shirt, as it doesn’t appear in some countries]?
David Rutter (ruttski): Unfortunately Real Madrid’s sponsor is required to be removed in some countries. It’s a government thing, not a FIFA thing

Alan Quinn (Quinner72): Do keepers go up for corners in the dying minutes?
David Rutter (ruttski): Yep, certain keepers, under certain circumstances and tactics, will go up for corners

Rakan Al Hugbani (alhawawy): Did you fix [the space behind the goals at] Anfield?
David Rutter (ruttski): Anfield unfortunately [is] not fixed this year. Will be done for [FIFA] 11

Roberto Brundo (r0b3rtZ): What is with the Netherlands national team, some Italian teams and Adrian Mutu? Will they be licensed?
David Rutter (ruttski): [The] Dutch national team (and some other teams) are quite hard for EA to get the rights to. We’re always trying though

Mike Andrews (shads23): Is Challenge Mode making a comeback this year in FIFA 10?
David Rutter (ruttski): Unfortunately Challenge Mode won’t be coming back for FIFA 10. We’ve really concentrated on Manager Mode this year

Clark Wenborn (clarkwenborn): Will you be able to save replays to your hard drive instead of using EA SPORTS World?
David Rutter (ruttski): No local saving of replays etc. this year I’m afraid. But we know how much it’s wanted so FIFA 11 should have it

The Bawuss (bawusstalk): Any word on on player stat editing?
David Rutter (ruttski): Stat editing will be the same as FIFA 09. [We’ve] been concentrating on gameplay and Manager Mode [this year]

Bart Van Geert (Sc0rp1o): Can PS3 users import their own soundtrack?
David Rutter (ruttski): We’re not [supporting] imported sound tracks at the moment. But Jeff and I have got some great choons again this year for you all

Xeneize Boca (xeneize12345): Will the Argentinean Primera Division be included [in] FIFA 10?
David Rutter (ruttski): One of our top programmers is from Argentina and [he] is always asking too. It’s not looking likely – but we’ve been trying

Mubashir Suleman (5TimesBro): [You] said the trapping will be improved but how about bringing the ball down from high up?
David Rutter (ruttski): [We] have been working on traps from all directions – we call the dropping ball ones “Y traps” and they’re much better

Sami Missous (Samimissous): I know this might be a bit early, but do you have any idea what teams will be on the downlodable demo for PS3 and Xbox 360?
David Rutter (ruttski): I do know – but I can’t say at the moment

Allan Freyborg (Freye74): Is it easier to round the keeper in FIFA 10? In FIFA 09 it is almost impossible and it’s like the keeper [has] a [ball] magnet!
David Rutter (ruttski): Yep – there’s some keeper rounding work done. Including a fake shot move which helps

Romario Soto (ronaldinho606): Can you give [us] any info about FIFA 10 [on] current-gen? I’m hoping 360 dribbling will be [included].
David Rutter (ruttski): No 360 dribbling on PC/PS2 – but a lot of other cool stuff

Snider (antipeace123): All I’ve been waiting to see in [the] FIFA series is [to] be able to lift the trophy like in real life [when you win a competition], is this going to happen in FIFA 10?
David Rutter (ruttski): We’ve not added any “trophy” celebrations at the moment. Sorry

Allan Freyborg (Freye74): Can you tell [us] about weather? Can [a match] start sunny and then begin to [cloud over] and even start [to] rain/snow [etc.]?
David Rutter (ruttski): You can select weather for appropriate stadiums before starting, but the weather is persistent through the match

The Bawuss (bawusstalk): At a time like this to ease the pain of losing [Germany U21s 4-0 England U21s] I think we need a tiny little exclusive bit of FIFA 10 news!
David Rutter (ruttski): I’m over it now. [There are] two Germans in our entourage too! I’ve leaked about as much as I dare. [On] July 15th the [latest] embargo lifts. [There will be a] lot to tell then

And finally, an answer without a question…

David Rutter (ruttski): Just had the Italian FIFA champion try to score from kick off 10 times – and fail 10 times. Looks like it’s fixed after all 🙂

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