Jurassic Park: The Game 'Behind The Scenes' Video


The developer behind Jurassic Park: The game, Telltale has today released a behind-the-scenes video.

The game takes place during the first movie in which various loose ends are tied up including Dennis Nedry’s shaving-cream can and the embryos section of the film. The game will be released as downloadable episodic content (Playstation 3 and PC/Mac versions only) when it is released in November but for Xbox 360 owners, it will be released in disc format only. The trailer below shows off various gameplay elements in the upcoming game including the ability to use a camera to check the surroundings that you are currently in.

Check out the trailer below.


Jurassic Park: The Game is to be released on Playstation 3 (episodic DLC only) and the Xbox 360 (disc only) on November 15th in North America. The iPad version of the game is set to be released shortly after the console versions. The PC and Mac versions are set for release at the end of the year. No European release date has been announced as of yet but expect it very soon after the North American release.

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