Just the Heavy Rain Review we wanted to hear


Ever since the announcement of Quantic Dreams Heavy Rain back at E3 2006, people were excited. Not just PS3 owners but fans of Fahrenheit  aka “Indigo Prophecy”. Because when that game was released, it caused some confusion at first, gamers didnt understand this new way of “playing” a game. It was some something completely different, something new, refreshing and very innovative, and over time people began to admire this new step by Quantic Dream. It was brave and in the end it worked, although it had many critics, like all innovative material, but it gained huge admiration and respect and open the door for a new genre…

Interactive Story

And who steps through the door but Quantic Dreams next installment, a game that takes innovation to the next level, a game that drags gamers into its immersive and personal story and makes them choose some painstaking decisions and then face the consequences, a game that takes graphics and facial realism to an inch from the line that separates games from movies, a game that has walked through the door left open by Fahrenheit and came out stronger which hopefully encourages other developers to take such risks. That game of course is Heavy Rain.

Its very obvious that i am a huge fan of the game and the new style of gaming, and unlike some gamers, i love innovation and in Heavy Rains case i am going to embrace it.  Heavy Rain has had its fair share of critics, people who complain about the new way it presents its gameplay, people who say its not a game but rather a movie where we occasionally press a button. They may be right, and nobody is forcing them to play Heavy Rain and nobody is saying that all games are going to be like Heavy Rain, far from it, Heavy Rain is nothing but a new way to play games, a new Genre. It shouldn’t be criticized but encouraged for adding more variety to a gamers world.

So while browsing this morning (13th Feb) i came across a Heavy Rain Review by PSX Extreme’s Ben Dutka, and it left me smiling. So i felt this is a review made for us fans from someone who really understands why we cant wait to play this game.

Without further delay, i insist you go to PSX Extremes website and read this review, here is the link. http://www.psxextreme.com/ps3-reviews/341.html

Thanks to Danny275 from WENB for the heads-up.


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