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JV Mag Reveals New Screens & Info!


Jeux Video Magazine has released its new issue over in France, and with it a massive 10 page feature on PES 2010!

Unfortunately, due to our embargo, the screens are not allowed to be posted on the site. But don’t worry, we’ll have them all on the blog on Wednesday 15th in full HD. What we can allow though, is the impressions from the guys who had the playtest! Thanks to ThomasGOAL for the translation:

The journalist can’t stop playing, always asking for “one last game, one last game.” Would play until his fingers bled!
Defender can do bicycle kick in defense
New move, in french “aile de pigeon” (click here for pic)
New chest control with orientation
Ball physics = simply perfection !
Photo- realistic faces (the journalist thought the Messi and Torres pics were photoshoped… only to see its like that in-game)
With all managerial settings you can be Mourinho, cards systems etc..

What will be done in the last 40% of development?

New visual filter not added yet, for more realism of shadows, lights, colors etc.. but it’s already great
New commentators (for French) official chants, better public reactions, balls impact
A lot of new animations and better transitions and stars personal moves.
New AI for goalkeeper, position, reflex for referee too.
Tactics on freekick
PK system not yet finish on the 60% version, better analogic control and effect on the ball

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