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JVN To Show PES 2010 Vid At Midnight!


Just when everyone was setting their alarm clocks for 10am tomorrow for the video on PESFan, we hear that Jeux Video Network will be releasing the same video at midnight!

Heres the (roughly) translated statement:

PES 2010 Revelations:  At Midnight!

JVN look forward to seeing you this evening at 00:00 CET for new revelations about Pro Evolution Soccer 2010! Calling all fans of Pro Evolution Soccer, it looks like they are rather numerous in the corner. We regret to inform you that this is not the night that you go to bed early. Blame a surprise stamped content PES 2010 which will be online this night on JVN, which will include revelations about … actually no, sorry, go to midnight for more information!

Early night it isn’t then. Be sure to check back then!

Thanks to ThomasGOAL and JB_Rennes from WEarePES for the heads up!

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