Kane & Lynch 2 Video Incoming


Although IO Interactive’s first Kane & Lynch game had mixed reviews, for example it had somewhat clunky gameplay, the actual concept and production was excellent, so heres hoping IO Interactive do what Ubisoft did with Assassins Creed II and produce a more complete and realized game with Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Well its good to know that IO Interactive have announced via a tweet, that a Release Date and Gameplay Video will be revealed tomorrow:

New gameplay trailer for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be launched tomorrow on updated website with an exclusive trailer as well.

Start salivating because IO is tossing you a juicy bone. New gameplay trailer for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days tomorrow. Exclusive on IGN.

This just in! Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days release date to be announced tomorrow! Pull up your food bowl and sit tight for more news today.

Look forward to that.

Again thanks to VG247.

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