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Kei Masuda Speaks on New PES Engine


Konami have posted a new interview with Pro Evolution Soccer producer, Kei Masuda.

The interview sees Mr Masuda talk about the new engine that will be featuring in future PES titles, starting with PES 2014. The Q&A session, courtesy of the official PES site can be seen below.

Q: You’ve started talking about the new PES engine, can you explain the origins of development and how PES will develop?

A: As you may have read, the graphics engine is a result of our collaboration with Kojima Productions and uses elements of Fox engine. However, we’re making a very different product and so the PES Productions team had to come up with major new physics and AI models. Each of these areas are massive improvements for the series and will take us much further than any other sports title.

Q: How will PES2014 benefit from the new engine?

A: We’ll go into specific product details shortly. The future of PES is very exciting. However, contrary to what you might have read on the internet, we have said nothing about PES2014. You should also know we haven’t said anything at all about the next generation of console platforms. As I said, both topics will be covered shortly so please keep an eye on official announcements.

Q: If you haven’t announced PES2014 yet or talked about next gen platforms, where have the current crop of materials come from?

A: Everything we’ve demonstrated up until now is based on current gen technology using the new PES engine. We really believe it’s important to deliver an amazing experience on machines that most of our fans own. We will not be faking materials. This is what PES really will deliver and it’s so much more than just a better graphical experience.

Q: What about new formats, not just next gen consoles. Are the PES Productions team working on future plans?

A: The new engine has been developed to be used across whichever platforms we choose. Obviously we’ll be listening to which devices our fans want to use, but rest assured the new engine is extremely flexible and very powerful.

Are you excited about PES 2014 and the new engine? What do you think of Kei Masuda’s comments? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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