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Kei Masuda Talks PES 2013 & The Future!


First up, a huge thanks once again to WinningEleven.es for the heads up of this news.

Meristation posted up an interview with Kei Masuda, Lead Developer of PES incase you don’t know, discussing a variety of different subjects.

There are some standout quotes from the lengthy article, which we’ll sum up below:

  • PES 2013 is the last game on this current engine
  • Work is being done to manual passing
  • Work is being done to the inconsistent outcomes of the passing bar
  • The new Rival Rankings online mode is a way of users playing similarly rated teams online. So no more mid-table teams vs Barca/Madrid
  • Master League transfers have been changed up, bringing more transparency, giving you a clearer indication of what the player wants, and why a deal might have failed. Kei touches on ways to achieve purchasing players who might initially refuse

Much more in the full interview, which we’ve translated using google below. So please, excuse the dodgy translation!


PES 2013 will be “the last in this generation of consoles with this engine”

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 will hit stores on September 27 , but has already had a previous demo on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which were taught some of the novelties of this year, very committed to the changes in the gameplay which came demanding for several deliveries, the AI goalkeepers and exploiting gaps or passes manuals. In MeriStation I asked for your help to launch a questionnaire Kei Matsuda , team manager Konami manager game, called PES Team , and following your own impressions and doubts with the demo.

One of the questions most talked about in the comment thread and Twitterdirector for PES 2013 game was about the recurring issue of graphics engine used by the game for years, evolving engine of the last generation. Hei has been sharp, transparent: ” PES 2013 will use this engine for the last time in this generation of consoles “, which implies that this is the last Pro Evolution Soccer release whose maximum appears on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. According to the Japanese, or will PES 2014 or it will be for PlayStation 4 or the new Xbox. It is more likely that this second hypothesis.

Also on technology, another oft-repeated question concerned the inclusion of a credible impact engine, the kind that has managed to implement EA Sports in their last FIFA 12 and 13. I will, but with the new engine , is not yet in PES 2013. Although to compensate, the creative has told us of the defense response, an unprecedented new technique that improves on PES 2013 animations collisions and impacts between bodies, leaving, according to a realistic appearance of parties and collisions between players and between them and the ball.

We collect many questions channeled into the American League or the official Japanese league. Kei Matsuda explained that while the second will not be in PES 2013-at least temporarily-no official plans, on the occurrence or not of the new details will be American these days. In the demo, the game was polished to 70% while the Gamescom attendees have been proven around 80%. It is a work trial in a few weeks can advance much.

The issue of gatekeepers and intelligent behavior was a recurring complaint in previous PES. Will fix for this issue?, You asked that we asked. Kei replied: ” The first thing we started working after the launch of PES 2012 was in the IA of the porters. I can say that has greatly improved, especially inspired by the suggestions of our users, as in the pass book. these improvements were included with new animations and movements of individual players, thanks to the Players ID “, the system that makes them recognizable and realistic to the most popular players, giving them identity.

Another very criticized by previous editions of PES was associated with power and inequality teams online, filling multiplayer modes players with FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea … and other clubs star with exorbitant statistics. PES 2013 to avoid this overpopulation always the same teams, the new system will include Ranking Rival , which allow users to cope only players of the same level, or similar equipment with greater daring, getting a lot more points for balancing risk and largely online.

Continuing with the gameplay, Kei team moved to the concern of many of you by the system passes manuals , which is not satisfactory everything you would expect given the power bar was somewhat unbalanced. “We’re working on improving this,” explained admitting that they had reached the same feedback from other consumers who have tried the demo. Then there was the issue of feeling ” elastic “the ball and the player, where Hei explained:

” PES 2013 has the new feature, PES Full Control , which includes the element Dribble deft touch. This allows players to retain possession of the ball, giving time for colleagues to advance their team and support positions. Earlier this item allows you to turn your players to increase the tempo of the play . So players can use to increase their subtle touches controlling the ball. At the same time, we adjusted the level of control of the players when making a dribble , so they have less elastic feel . ”

Finally, other issues were the subject of the coaches and their role in the Masters League, if they could change clubs. ” Unfortunately, coaches may not switch teams “, has taken Kei.

Become A Legend and Master League is devoted to developing the team and the player himself. Winning games and collect points will get new boots or hire new coaches improve the weaknesses of the selected team or player, or you can restore them skills.

In the Master League , bid will allow users to know what to do to recruit specific players. ” In Become a Legend, receive a good grade of your trainer will ensure receiving the offer of your dreams. plan is a perfect future. For example, if you want the player strongly rejects you, what is behind that decision? Will the ranking of your team? How many similar players? might not have a place in the starting line is the problem, or, is it that the team can not afford to hire the player?

All alternatives can be improved to win games and improve the ranking of your team, unlock players playing in the same position, or use the money raised from sales to improve your offer. These new features in the Master League and Become a Legend will allow the user to plan the decisions of long and short term, adding more depth to the overall direction of the team . ” or treatment of legendary players and how they will appear: ” The clothes are classic very well, and would like to have them in the game, but the sponsorship and licensing of old kits are incredibly complex and we could not do much about this until now . “

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