Kid Icarus: Uprising – Three Sacred Treasures Trailer


Nintendo has released a new trailer for 3DS shooter, Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Kid Icarus: Uprising sees protagonist, Pit battling against the forces of Medusa who want to destroy mankind and will do anything it takes to achieve this goal. Pit uses the ability of flight granted by Palutena called “miracle of Flight” to fly to various worlds to fight huge monsters. Pit also has to deal with evil twin, Dark Pit along the way as well. The trailer below shows off  various shootouts and shows Pit destroying everything in sight and also ties in with the NES version of Kid Icarus which featured a mission in which Pit had to collect the three sacred treasures also. Check it out below.


Kid Icarus: Uprising is released exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe on March 23rd.

Source: Siliconera.

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