Killing Floor 2 Review


Take A Dirt-Nap – You Genetically Engineered Bastards!

Game: Killing Floor 2
Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive/Deep Silver
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For the last six days I’ve been trying to think of a bad-ass pun to start off this review, something related to cleaning, but I guess that idea has all but washed up. Come on man, there’s nobody else around at 3am to help me mop up the competition. Eurgh, I know how terrible what was, but I don’t care… Killing Floor 2 is the very much needed/appreciated sequel to Tripwire Interactive’s brutally fast paced, zombie slaughtering first person shooter known as Killing Floor. It was one of my favorite games of 2009 and with a little love and a shit load of game-time, Killing Floor 2 might just creep into my top ten for 2016.

Right from the get go it’s probably best to say if you’re looking for an in-depth campaign, a hundred game modes and for your hand to be held – then this is not the game for you. At the present moment there are three ways to play Killing Floor 2. Online Survival/Vs PVP, Solo-play which is basically just torture in my book and then the all-important training section that gives you the basic instruction and the know-how on survival. I did the tutorial for shits & giggles (and to see if it help me up my game because I was letting myself down).

Now, I had a bit of an issue with the online play over the last day or so bit in all honestly, it’s absolutely brilliant when you can find people to play with. You’re banded together with up to 5 other human players and the game begins. You’ve pretty much one job to do in Killing Floor 2 and that’s to survive; which is pretty challenging because you’re not exactly killing sheep in World of Warcraft. You’re let loose to kill waves of zombies and other genetically engineered death machines. There are 4-10 waves in each game (depending on the host’s choice) and with every new wave comes new enemies of increasing numbers and difficulty. Your one saving grace lies in the fact that with every kill or assist that you get, you earn cash/dosh/wonngaa to buy new weapons at the end of each round and some of them are absolutely insane. At one point I had a contraption that shot circular saw blades and it was awesome.

Hold the phone though chap, you’re not finished yet. Once you’ve wiped the killing floor clean of the blood, gore and zombie viscera… you’re now challenged with fighting one of games two bosses and if you thought the previous 4-10 waves were difficult then you might want to buckle in because you’re probably going to get your ass kicked. Unlike myself, if you’re a fan of PVP then you’ll definitely want to try out the Versus PVP mode. It pits you against other human players and very much like Left 4 Dead’s verses mode, you can play as the eleven extremely well-constructed monsters too. You’ve got the choice of everything from the general “blow my head off please” zombie-esque creature, the Bloat which melee attacks and vomits bile onto the player and also explodes and the Siren who screams causing area damage. To be fair, it’s all out carnage and requires quicker thinking that I can provide so I usually avoid PVP modes.

I think my favorite part of the game has got to be its impressively in-depth class and perk system. There are ten classes to choose from: Berserker, Commando, Demolitionist, Field Medic, Firebug, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter, Support, Survivalist, and S.W.A.T. Each class has their own set strengths, weaknesses, weapons and a total of 25 levels. You’re able to choose from one of two perks every five levels to make your character kick just a little bit more arse. I have tried most of the classes but I have been playing the S.W.A.T class by far the most. S.W.A.T class is a close range combatant that has the highest rate of fire than any other class. The S.W.A.T class uses a range of rapid fire weapons best used to pick of the annoying smaller Zeds giving the rest of the team time to concentrate on the bigger ones. Like every other class S.W.A.T does have its weakness, being that it is less accurate a longer range. Personally, I have found that using single shot instead of burst fire until you’re in the thick of it is more effective and helps conserve ammunition.

Looking back at something I said earlier, even though it’s only got a few game modes; it doesn’t feel like a broken record. At launch Killing Floor 2 has twelve vibrant playable maps and you’re really not stuck for choice. You’ll fight hordes of these genetically engineered, overly aggressive bastards everywhere from a Prison to a Farmhouse and even in the Infernal Realm and to be fair, that one had me on edge as it’s a scarey enough experience as it is – especially if you’re playing alone in a dark room. It get’s bloody intense! Killing Floor is an absolute beauty of a game to look at once you’ve wiped the blood and flesh from your eyes and personally I feel it’s a massive step up from it’s predecessor and at the same time brings over the most important elements.


Throw your headphones on, blast out the Iron Man version of AC/DC’s Shoot to Thrill and gun down everything in your path; ignoring your teammate’s cries for help!

On the surface Killing Floor 2 looks like any another zombie horde killing FPS, but deep down it’s so much more. Yes, I’ve had issues with it and yes it’s far from flawless but really, it’s a damn good solid shooter. It’s probably not going to win game of the year but its impressive perk system and variety of maps/weapons makes up for its down falls. I’ve had issues with connectivity but that’s nothing new to video games and I’m sure once that gets fixed it’ll be well on its way into my top 10 for 2016.


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