Killzone 3: Debut Trailer Released On Friday


A post regarding Killzone 3 and the news that a debut trailer is being released next Friday

You have seen the screens and read the news, but now it’s time to see the game in action with the world-premiere trailer of Killzone 3 next Friday. Airing on Spike’s Pre-E3 Special, gamers will get the first glimpse of this massive PS3 title prior to E3 and begin to get hyped.

Geoff Keighley posted on Twitter just now:“The only place to see the world gameplay premiere of KILLZONE 3 is on Spike’s Pre-E3 Special, Friday June 11th at 11.”

Last week, Sony revealed the first details on Killzone 3 and news poured in, with most of it praising the title on all fronts. Finally, everyone will see the first gameplay of the game and be able to see the next major PS3 exclusive in action. Below, you can see the first released screens of the game and marvel in the lovely visual presentation Killzone 3 will deliver in early 2011.

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