Killzone 3 details incoming?


PSM3 have said that Killzone 3 news will be released very shortly according to an article run by According to PSM (through CVG) they have said that “information will be coming in the next couple of months”. Im pretty sure most people by now, cant imagine there not being a Killzone 3 so this doesnt come as a massive shock but if what PSM3 have stated is true, its great that we will see details of the up and coming title very soon.

Also, back in October 2009, the US version of OPM stated that the game was already in development and its planned to be released in 2010. Wow!. That would be a massive suprise considering Killzone 2 took 4 year to develop!

Of course, until we have an official announcement from Guerrilla Games or Sony we cant comment on the rumours of details about when the game is released or even when the news will hit and people should take with a pinch of salt but one things for sure, hopefully it does happen and sooner rather than later.

For the original articles, check them out here –

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