Killzone 3 to have ‘3D’ and ‘Playstation Move’ Support


Although the next instalment of Killzone hasn’t officially been announced as of yet, Sony’s Jack Tretton recently stated that there will indeed be a Killzone 3 released at some point. (The article can be found by clicking here) let’s be honest here, it was a certainty that there would be another Killzone title released, confirmation or not as we expected it after the big success that Killzone 2 was.

Onto the topic of this post and I’m pretty sure that i don’t need to explain a great deal more due to the title of this post but when our contacts/sources in the industry contacted us to state this, I was left shocked. That’s right guys, it seems that Killzone 3 will have full 3D and Playstation Move support when it’s released. This is a major sign of Sony’s push towards the ‘3D’ market it seems and will we see more PS3 titles support 3D? I can see a ton of new games supporting the Playstation Move device but will the same happen with 3D titles? We shall have to wait and see.

The one concern though is that with 3D technology being so brand spanking new (and expensive), will that many homes own a 3D TV set come the release of Killzone 3? I’m not so sure as there are still some gamers that haven’t jumped ship from standard def to high def yet so it could end up being a little early. Of course, there are probably going to be a lot of people that will own a 3D TV by then but I can’t see there being a huge amount of consumers getting the full experience until the price of the TV sets themselves come down in price by a huge amount first. It’s clear though that Sony want to set the standard of pushing new tech our way and either way, it’s an exciting time to be a PS3 owner that’s for sure.

Like always, we will post more on this as we get it but expect a big announcement at some point in the near future. Maybe at E3? After E3?

Exciting times indeed.

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