Kinect For Windows Coming February


Microsoft has announced that the Windows version of Kinect will be arriving this coming February 1st.

Although this Windows version of Kinect will only be available in limited quantities at first and to only 12 countries including the UK and US, it will be available through a variety of distributors and will include a one year warranty. The price for the UK hasn’t been announced as yet but it will be more expensive than the Xbox 360 version with the US suggested retail price coming in at $249. Microsoft explain that the reason for this is mainly down to the 360 version being subsidised by the sale of Kinect games, Xbox Live Subscriptions and other transactions within the Xbox 360 ecosystem.

Kinect for Windows will have improvements over the Xbox 360 hardware that help warrant the price difference however, the main one being ‘near mode’ which improves the close operation of the unit allowing workable use down to around 50cm – something that Kinect had struggled with in the past.‘We are investing in creating a platform that is optimized for scenarios beyond the living room, and delivering new software features on an ongoing basis.’ said Craig Eisler, a general manager for Kinect for Windows via a companies blog.

Microsoft are hoping that the hardware will transcend gaming with a view to other Windows Embedded-based devices with Kinect’s gesture and voice support and that other companies might integrate Kinect into their own work.

‘Kinect for Windows will also support gesture and voice on Windows Embedded-based devices and will enhance how data is captured and accessed within intelligent systems across manufacturing, retail  and many more industries. We are building the Kinect for Windows platform in a way that will allow other companies to integrate Kinect into their offerings and we have invested in an approach that allows them to develop in ways that are dependable and scalable.’

‘The combination of Kinect for Windows hardware and software creates a superior development platform for Windows and will yield a higher quality, better performing experience for end users.’

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