King-Pin Virtual Pinball Table – The Perfect Christmas Gift!


Looking for a rather extravagant present for your extra half this year? Look no further than Bespoke Arcades‘ King-Pin Virtual Pinball Table.

Looking like an ordinary Pinball table, it actually  conceals a powerful PC allowing for an army of pinball tables ready to play at the touch of a flipper! Pretty damn cool right? Integrated into it is a 43inch high-definition display used for the table action itself, a secondary 28inch Back Glass Display combined with an LCD DMD (Dot Matric Display) to present accurate pinball artwork as well as table specific scoring and mini-game features.

It also utilises a series of advanced force feedback motors, dynamic back glass lighting, concealed actuators and interactive RGB lighting, the discrete technology works in perfect synchronization with the pinball software to deliver powerful two-way feedback to the player, recreating every nuance of the table and even allowing players to tilt and nudge, just as they would a regular table. It costs £5,995… Which yes, is a very large outlay but the product completely justifies the price.

There some other fantastic gifts that you could get your gaming friend/partner/family member.  Looking for a headset? LucidSound have some fantastic gaming headsets, including the recently released LS40 (£229.99), LS30 (£119.99) and LS20 (£79.99) headsets, all offering a superb audio experience.

If it is a controller you’re after, look no further than the folks at Snakebyte, who also do a selection of fantastic controllers and other accessories. The PlayStation 4 controller especially provides precision control and ergonomic design to PS4 gamers. Compatible with all PS4 games and apps, the controller includes a full complement of controls, including silky-smooth analog thumb sticks, advanced dual vibration motors, clickable touch pad as well as Share and Option buttons.

Images of all gifts can be seen down below. Are any of these on your Christmas list? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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