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Konami blog update 24.02.10


Jon Murphy has posted on the Konami Blog today, talking about the recent DLC fix and his recent trip to Tokyo taking in PES2011!

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”I wanted to update you about a few things. Firstly, we’ve got another free update available. It’s had a feel teething problems, but those have now been sorted.

From the main menu in game, go to System Settings and  then Download to update team rosters and add a new boot…we’re looking to simplify that process in PES2011 by the way. You’ll also be pleased to hear we’ve got a number of other updates planned which will keep PES fresh right up until the next version.

I’ve also been back to Japan to see the team. They started work on PES2011 months ago and as promised the basis for changes has been feedback from fans. The big news from me is that I’ve already played a really, really early version of the code and it blew me away! Obviously I’m sworn to secrecy, but what I’ve seen is the biggest shake up of PES ever! I’m not kidding. It’s awesome, but I can’t say more.

Finally, it’s great to welcome the Champions League back into my life – although my other half isn’t such a fan of wall to wall footie! If like me you can’t get enough of the competition check out the PES2010 online Champions League events every Wednesday and Saturday nights (22:00-00:30 GMT).




Interesting stuff indeed. Could Konami be ready to amaze us?

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