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Konami Italy Post New Update


A massive thanks to WEarePES and ThomasGOAL for the news!

On the Italian side of the Konami European website, the artistic director of PES productions has tried to give the fans some insight on how the visual side of PES 2010 is shaping up!

Toru Nagai is the man charged with improving the look of PES, and he tells us of how he decided to stay away from the previous colour palette. Here’s the post translated: (Thanks to iMaldini from the boards):


Hello, I am Toru Nagai, the artistic director of PES Productions over the last three years and regularly write a blog with an internal team. I included a picture of me while I use the edit mode. Enjoy the view! We are now trying to play different effects of light according to environmental conditions in general.

At the beginning we have worked to improve the conditions of the time during the day / cloudy. Complex effects such as the way in which the colors of grass and sky are reflected on the players will look and feel much the games more realistic. Currently we are focusing on improvements to the texture of the skin of the players so that they seem more natural. We are also using much of our time in improving the effects of shadows. This is proving more difficult than you can imagine, but it’s essential to increase the realism of the game. Everything, especially the players, seems to be more vital. Given the results we are getting, the whole team is feeling very motivated. You can see what I mean from the screenshot we just posted.

Entering into details a little more technical, from PES2009 we redid the filter color correction. Our producer, Mr. Hatsumi, has complained when I removed the filter before, but I am convinced that the new one is much better and more powerful using this new filter for color correction. We can produce the colors and atmospheres of the most convincing before. For example, in some stages I would like to have more opportunity to experiment with colors and effects of metals. Follow many other improvements and refinements, and then continue to follow my blog.


A post that would’ve gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for the eagle eyes of the WEarePES team! Let us know what you think here!

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