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Konami Kick Off PES Virtual UEFA Champions League 2014/2015


Today not only marks the release of PES 2015, but also sees the beginning of the PES Virtual UEFA Champions League.

This virtual Champions League acts as a central competition, both online and offline, for PES 2015 players on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, with a number of leagues available. You can find details on how to enter via packaged versions of the game, or by visiting PESLeague. It is completely free to enter, with a number of prizes on offer throughout the season.

PES League will be for the first together bring together the PES Virtual UEFA Champions League (ends June 2015) and also the PES World Finals (exclusive to PS4). All of the online results are then collated, then players very own results will be displayed on their own profile through the PESLeague site. This is handy as players can then see their overall position, both globally and in tournaments.

There are over €25,000 in prizes, and a chance to win tickets to attend the UEFA Champions League Final up for grabs. There are local tournaments available in order to qualify for the regional finals and compete for a chance to play at the PES World Finals. Taking place on June 6th, 2015, the PES World Finals will be held, not only on the same day as the UEFA Champions League Final, it will take place pitchside, in the Olympiastadion in Berlin, during the buildup before the actual UEFA Champions League Final.

Let us know your thoughts if you will be taking part this season via the comment section below.

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