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Konami Launch Official PES 2010 Survey!


After the Q&A that was sent to the press a few months ago (as revealed by PSM3), I’m happy to announce Konami have now launched a survey for the PES community!

Found at official PES fansite PESFan, the survey asks a whole host of questions that are integral to the game and what Konami are keen to know your thoughts on. The survey can be found…

Here for UK users – Here for non-UK users (NOTE: UK users must be registered members of PESFan)

I have to admit I’m incredibly excited about this. The feedback sections in PESFan, PESGaming and WENB requires a collation of everyone’s thoughts, and some intricate explanations can sometimes be missed. This survey is both straight forward and concise, with nothing left to misinterpretation. All I ask is you don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to have a real say in how Konami approach next years game. There’s also an added incentive with PESFan giving a random user who fills out the survey a chance to win a £100 Play.com voucher!

So stop reading and fill out the form!

Thanks to everyone who participates.

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