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Konami Loves Us All Equally


Don’t get me wrong, the title transcends across all fans alike – but my point is more close to home. I’ve had an abundance of emails/PM’s from fans (mainly from outside the UK) regarding WENB, and our apparent ‘special’ relationship with Konami. I wanted to quickly put the record straight.

So straight to the point, WENB receives no special treatment over other fansites from the creators of the PES series. People have been saying as such, and I felt it wrong for us to go along with this sentiment – especially as community means everyone, not one site. As with any relationship in life, it grows stronger over time. We’re now in our 3rd year of running WENB, and are happy to say Konami have been there every step of the way. Being a news site, some could argue that it benefits them to support us as news will reach more people – and in essence you are correct. But that doesn’t mean WENB is exclusive to this support, as that would be way off the mark.

To think that would also be showing our friends in the industry a lack of respect, as they are just as important to the running of the site. People like Caniggia and Riot, WEarePES crew and even well known German magazine PC Action (Luc and Chris!) have supported and established WENB, and they deserve a massive credit too.

So spread the love, not just on this site but all sites that support PES. One unified voice is more powerful than a number of individual crys. WENB is an infant in terms of age online, and want to show the elders the respect they deserve – because (to finish) they are just as important to Konami as us.

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