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Konami Responds To Community Concerns


Here we have another sign that Konami are listening to the community. Fresh from the first screen of PES 2010, my sources recently responded to criticism about certain elements of the pictures, and tried to eradicate any concerns people may have. Clear proof that Konami care about what you think!

First things first, lets get any incorrect perceptions about the picture out of the way. I’ve been reading some posts in forums around the world, and some less informed think the Messi screenshot is actually a render. The picture is, in simple terms, a screen grab. Along with WENB, the official PES blog posted the screen on its site. It was supposed to represent a member of the team in the development office taking an actual shot of the game and posting it up for the fans. No photoshopping, no picture enhancing, just a straight forward screen grab. The message is a simple one – Konami have nothing to hide.

Onto the header of the post. The quality of the Barcelona emblem has many people wondering whether it’s just the faces that are getting the true next-gen treatment. The answer comes down to the development timeline, and scheduling certain aspects of the game by importance. The kits as a whole are worked on instantly, but the extra detail (badges, numbers etc) is put on last. Therefore the actual emblem in the screenshot is technically called a placeholder – something that’s there while they work on other things. This strengthens the claim that the screen really is a true depiction of the game in development – no target footage required. The final quality of the kits will match the incredible quality of Messi’s face.

For a few that particular news will be most important, but most will see the bigger picture. For Konami to come out and respond to minor criticism in a screen shows a massive shift of emphasis, and their undying commitment to the community. In the the grand scheme of things, that is the real news.

I want to say thank you to the guys at Konami who work so hard in making sure the community are heard, and in-turn answered! We look forward to the next few weeks in high anticipation. Make sure you’re a part of it!

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