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Konami Salutes You


Checking my inbox this morning, as you typically do these days, I found a very pleasant surprise. A message from the European PES Team Leader Jon Murphy directed at WENB and all it’s Viewers and Forum members.

I just want to pass on a message to everyone at WENB to say thanks for all your input over the last few months. Your creativity and enthusiasm has been astonishing, and your support and obvious care for the game has gone beyond the call of duty. Your input has been passed back to the WEP team – yes, even the nets and gloves! – and I think you are going to be very pleased with some of the announcements we have planned just before gamescom. Thanks again for all your input – it is fair to say that you have been an integral part of the PES 2010 team, and we hope we can keep working with you in future versions, too.

Very kind words coming from Konami there so I think you should all give yourselves a pat on the back and look forward to PES 2010!

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