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Konami Show New Focus In Latin America


A massive thanks to forum member Seabass (Thiago) for this spot of news.

The PES Brazil website has reported on an interesting piece of news today, that came from an interview between Konami employees and reporters attending a CN Games event in South America.

Executive Vice President of sales Shinji Hirano and Vice President of Sales George Richard answered many questions about the new focus from Konami towards the PES fanbase, and how the growing community in Brazil and South America has made them more committed towards that part of the world. The news will interest many people from that part of the world, so to read some tidbits from the interview hit the jump!

Interviewer – What is the reason of you for coming to Brazil?

Shinji HiranoWe know the Brazilian community and always give feedback for our producers. We have many good products to come and they will appear in Brazil. We are giving more attention to you now. We came because we want to focus on the next Pro Evolution Soccer in Brazil and Latin America, which are the largest buyers next to Europe. I believe that seeing how consumers react here, we can push for new release dates. We know that there are avid players here, but they do not receive proper attention. Our main aim is to communicate with the players in here.

Interviewer – Are there plans for Konami to improve the timing of launches in Brazil? And will this help Konami in fighting piracy?

Shinji HiranoPiracy is a big problem for many countries. Publisher do what we can to include functions like online and other extras that pirate the game would not offer. What aKonami is focusing on is to see what happens in markets and come up with solutions. One of our main focuses is to launch games at the same time as the U.S. We also need to avoid that games are illegally copied before arriving in the country. This is one of the points that are working.

Interviewer – Why has the decision to come to Brazil only happened now?

George RichardFrankly, we are in the midst of a new reorganizing and re-structural program at Konami. Mr. Hirano is now more careful regarding games. We visualize a great opportunity in Latin America when we started talking about Pro Evolution Soccer series. Thus, we thank CN Games for inviting us to come here, to give us the opportunity to make it became real. Pro Evolution Soccer here is that the Madden series is for the U.S., so we can not let it go blank.

Interviewer – There is a possibility, then, to open an office in the country?

George RichardWe are focusing more on Latin America quarters. So, our offices in Los Angeles will handle it. have a sales manager in LA and watching only what we can more forward. Depend on the feedback we have here.

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