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Konami To Let The Fans Interview Seabass!


Coming from the Italian Konami site, as usual a few days before it gets posted on the UK side, a news article has been posted announcing a chance for the community to ask Seabass direct questions about PES 2010!

To see the official article, in Italian, click here. For the translated article hit the jump!

Here’s the article using a bit of google translate:

PES 2010: Interview development team and PES Production Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuki in person!

An incredible new opportunities for the community of PES 2010! Have any questions to the guys of the PES development team Production and Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuki?

Thanks to the feedback zone at Konami, Halifax, PES 2010 Italia, now allow you to satisfy your curiosity!

In this new space that will remain active for a few days (up to 23:59 on Tuesday, 28 July) is your chance to do your application to the development team of PES Production (including the great Seabass)!

Applications need to be focused on specific topics of PES

But you can also ask questions personal Seabass and the team.

Once the deadline has expired best questions (at the discretion of staff Konami) will be put directly to developers in an filmed interview (which collect the best questions of the European community PES) showing the name (or nickname) the person who posted!

So why wait? This is your incredible opportunity to get a straight answer from the creators of your favorite game! Do not miss this opportunity!

We’ll no doubt have an updated post from the UK site letting us now how we can get in on the action.

Thanks to Vanished from WEarePES, and ThomasGOAL for bringing this to our attention!

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