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Konami 'Trying Harder To Combat Cheating'


Thanks to Maremas for the heads up.

Today Konami posted on their facebook page they are trying harder to combat cheating in PES 2012 online competitions, and have successfully banned people already.

Read the full statement below:

IMPORTANT MESSAGE REG CHEATING: We play PES 2012 Online in the office and at home and just like you continue to experience some really bad sportsmanship. Let’s be clear on this: Cheating, intentional disconnecting, scoring own goals, none of this should be tolerated. We have to do and will do more to stop players ruining our experiences.

It’s an issue that runs deeper than PES, but we have already banned some cheaters and we’ll crack down harder. We’re also looking at additional measures so we, the real fans, can have an enjoyable online experience. We’ll report back, but in the meantime play fair and square even in the face of cheaters – for the love of the game!

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