Korean Games Regulator Approves Diablo 3, Blizzard Yet to Receive Confirmation


It would appear that the Korean Games Rating Board have approved Diablo III for release. The move comes as Blizzard submitted the game for a third time, this time without the real money auction house feature.

We brought you news last week of the Korean hold-up but now it seems that the game has passed scrutiny and will see a South Korean release.

A ratings board spokesman confirmed the removal of the real money feature in the following statement: “The feature involving for-cash trades between users was not included in the presentation to the rating committee, and therefore it was not subjected to any scrutiny

The spokesman went on to issue a warning against inserting the real money auction house in a future update, as it will likely void the current rating “If item trade for cash is added to the current version in service changes, it would…open up re-rating examinations

Whilst Diablo III’s real money features are somewhat controversial, they are in place to offer a safer alternative to the ‘black market’ that to this day, supports Diablo II.

In an odd twist the Korea Times is reporting that Blizzard have yet to receive confirmation of the games approval. The approval news was posted on the rating boards website but Blizzard are yet to be contacted, which goes against the usual practice of notifying the concerned party first. “We saw the news on the GRB website, but nothing has come to us from the board itself,” said a Blizzard spokeswoman.

There are still rumours that the Korean hold-up was delaying a global release, if true we could see an official release date announcement very soon. Here’s hoping.

Source: Korea Times

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