Lara Croft: GOL iOS Sale


Square Enix is reducing the price of its critically acclaimed adventure LARA CROFT AND THE GUARDIAN OF LIGHT for iPhone and iPod touch for the next four days.

Join Lara in her search for the powerful Mirror of Smoke, which gives its holder the power to rid the world of light. With the Mirror in the possession of the God of Darkness Xolotl, Lara and the mirrors guardian Totec only have until sunrise to defeat him and prevent the world from entering an age of darkness.


•Fast-paced action/adventure gameplay
•Local and Game Center Multiplayer
•Breathtaking environments
•Co-op focused puzzle solving
•Player upgrades and unlockable weapons

The iPhone/iPod touch version is on sale for 69p from now until the 14th of November (normal price £1.99) and can be found on the App Store.

The HD version for iPad is not part of the sale and continues to be priced at £2.99

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