Laser League closed beta this weekend


Super Tronerman

The Steam closed beta for Laser Leauge goes live this weekend from 18:00 GMT Friday til 18:00 GMT Sunday.


Laser League is an all-new multiplayer experience that is said to be easy to pick but nearly impossible to put down. Laser League looks like a mash-up of Tron meets Bomberman with a reliance on incredible reflexes to navigate the devastating laser fields. Teams can launch laser walls that explode enemies that interact with them, whilst walls of the same colour can be walked through. It looks chaotic and chaos only increases as times go on with mastery of unique class abilities.

The Laser League closed beta will allow players to experience a sneak peek of new content, including never-before-seen maps and party play, which will be available in the game once it reaches Early Access on Steam in early 2018. During this period, select players will have an exclusive opportunity to compete on teams in intense 3v3 matches on a selection of Laser League’s future available maps, as 505 Games and Roll7 analyze and work on servers, matches and player performance with the goal of obtaining valuable feedback and insight from gameplay to be implemented in the development process.

Players participating in this beta test may experience latency and server complications and may also be exposed to content and features that may be modified or removed from the final version of the game.

How do I sign up?

Players can sign up now at for the chance to be part of the Laser League beta. To enter the game, invited players can redeem their keys immediately via their Steam account but cannot log in until servers are live on Friday, Dec. 15.

For the purposes of this closed beta test, it is recommended that players use an Xbox controller for the best Laser League experience possible.


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