Latest Shaun The Sheep Episode Hits 3DS This Week


The partnership between Nintendo and Aardman Animatons continue this week and has been taken to the next level in the latest 3D episode of Shaun The Sheep.

The episode is exclusively for Nintendo 3DS owners for free via SpotPass and sees everybody’s favourite cheeky farmyard hero performing some iconic moves that will be recognised by all video game fans. The Episode titled ‘Shaun Goes Old School’ sees Shan not just armed with his very own Nintendo 3DS, but will see him perform a charming homage to a well-known Nintendo Character.

Aardman co-founder David Sproxton stated the following about this latest episode:

“When we were approached by Nintendo to make the series of 3D Shaun the Sheep episodes we thought that a parody of a well-known Nintendo character would be a really funny idea. We ran the concept of having Sha#un perform the characters’ classic moves past its creator Mr Miyamoto and he couldn’t wait to see what we created.”

There is also an exclusive document that users can stream which is titled ‘Raising the Baaaaa‘. Once you have watched the latest episode, Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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