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Breaking the Law

Boss Key’s latest online shooter – LawBreakers – has officially been announced for PS4, sitting alongside the already announced PC version. For the unfamiliar, LawBreakers is Unreal meets Overwatch with fast-paced character-ability-driven arena gameplay. The game has been in closed beta for the last few months with an alpha release during the latter part of last year. It’s shaping up to be quite an interesting title, particular for fans of online FPS games. The game was originally going to release as Free-to-Play but it has since been announced that the game will sell for roughly £25, very nice. There’s currently no mention of it releasing on Xbox One but as far as we can tell this isn’t an exclusive game but possibly just timed at the moment. We can expect to see some PS4 footage at E3 next month.


Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is coming to the modern age and is set in Montana. Whilst the word “Montana” conjures up images of South Park: The Movie there’s something in these teasers that looks really appealing. The teasers don’t show a lot, obviously, but are riddled with a dark undertone reminiscent of the Fargo series. It’s also worth noting that all the trailers on the Ubisoft official YouTube account are branded with PS4 / PS4 Pro artwork. I wouldn’t say this is leaning towards a console exclusive but I’d suspect there will be some sort of exclusivity, probably DLC or pre-order related. A full reveal trailer will be revealed on Friday but I’m already getting good vibes from this.



It’s been announced that Destiny 2 will be dropping Grimoire cards in favour of in-game lore, hurrah! Gamers will instead be able to discover the lore of the game through playing the campaign, meeting characters, and exploring the in-game universe, kind of like a game should be. The Grimoire system was met with some negativity in the first game so this news will be pleasant to most. The exclusion of the Grimoire cards also adds extra reason to believe that Destiny 2 will have a more robust story as a whole, something that the first lacked in my opinion. It hopefully means that the more story-focused elements of the game will be more integral rather than a tacked on card system.

Nintendo Switch Dock

Pre-orders for the Switch dock have now opened! If you really want a new dock for your Switch then you’ll have to dig deep in those purses of yours as the going rate is £79.99. For that, you’ll get the dock (obviously) a new RC adapter and HDMI cable. It seems very expensive for what it is, but that seems par for the course when it comes to Switch additions.

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