Layers of Fear 2 sets sail in PAX South Trailer


Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyma-nd I’m dead

I’ve never played Layers of Fear on account of me being scared as shit of it but after seeing the reaction to Layers of Fear 2 being announced, I feel I may need to jump in and face my fears. All layers of them…

I know a couple of things, though. Layers of Fear 2 appears to take place on a ship rather than the creepy-as-fuck mansion from the first game. There’s also a distinct lack of paintings in this game but there is an emphasis on old-fashioned film so we’re more than likely going to be experiencing the horror through that medium. And the trailer ends with a horrific chase sequence so that’s a whole load of nope ordered from me. Layers of Fear 2 will also be narrated by The Candyman himself, Tony Todd.

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