Leaked Trailer Reveals Far Cry 3 Release Date


The new Far Cry 3 trailer Ubisoft were scheduled to unveil tomorrow has been leaked onto the Internet, revealing the first-person shooter’s release date in the process.

Ubisoft teased the trailer yesterday, but the folks over at AllGamesBeta have somehow managed to get their hands on a German version of it and released it before the official reveal tomorrow. The end of the trailer states the game will be released in Germany on September 6th, which suggests a September 4th launch in North America and September 7th in Europe.

If you’re interested in Far Cry 3, we strongly recommend checking the trailer out below, even if it doesn’t include any gameplay footage. The crazy chap from the E3 2011 gameplay demonstration makes an appearance though!

UPDATE: Ubisoft has now officially released the trailer, we have replace the German trailer with the UK one.



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