LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Coming to Wii U


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have announced that LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes will be coming to the Wii U this Spring.

The game was first released for the PlayStation , Xbox 360, PC. Nintendo DS, 3DS and PlayStation Vita back in June of last year and has received much critical success. It has sold 3.4 million units worldwide to date.

It will take full advantage of the Wii U GamePad controller. Players will navigate through Gotham City using an enhanced interactive map and select their favorite DC Comics characters to assemble a powerful team of heroes, all with the use of the controller’s touchscreen.  They can even enjoy the entire game experience on the GamePad in off-TV mode, or have a second player join in on the TV, so they can fight crime together without having to share a single screen.

The story sees players given the chance to step into the shoes of the Caped Crusader and fully explore a LEGO version of Gotham City.  Once again under threat from the Joker, Batman must defend Gotham with the help of powerful friends like Superman and Robin, to put a stop to the diabolical plans of his nemesis and his entire team of super villains including Lex Luthor, The Penguin and Harley Quinn.  Encounter all of the Dark Knight’s iconic allies and enemies in a charming, hilarious, family-friendly adventure full of exciting gameplay.

Let us know if your excited for the Wii U version via the comment section below.

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