LEGO Dimensions Wave 2 Out Now, 'Hire-A-Hero' patch live


Prepare your wallets folks… As the title suggest, LEGO Dimensions’ second wave of packs is out right now! With a new Level Pack themed around Doctor Who (containing The 12th Doctor, a TARDIS and K-9), containing the new level “The Dalek Extermination Of Earth”, it promises to be a fun little escapade for any fans of the franchise.

Also released is a new Ninjago Team Pack, two new Simpsons Fun Packs and a LEGO Movie Fun Pack.

The Ninjago pack sees Kai and Cole joining up with their Builder Bomber and Blade Bike vehicles, whilst Bart and Krusty join the Springfield crew, with Bart’s “Gravity Sprinter” and Krusty’s Clown Bike. Been having trouble with the rainbow coloured blocks around the LEGO Dimensions universe? Well, now’s your chance to get past them with Unikitty from the LEGO Movie, complete with her Cloud Cuckoo Car. The Level and Team Packs retail at £29.99, with the Fun Packs debuting at £14.99

Also new is the significant in-game patch which allows you to unlock characters for a limited time without purchasing the related packs. Using the in-game studs (no micro-transactions required) you can “hire a hero” for 30 seconds a time, enabling you to find those pesky mini kits without waiting for Aquaman!

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