Lego Dimensions – Wave 3 Wrap-up


Lego Dimensions – Which Wave 3 Stuff to Buy?

Lego Dimensions’ latest wave hit last week, and I’ve spent the weekend playing with yet another bunch of Danish plastic add-ons for Warner’s Toys-to-Life franchise. If you’re already invested in Dimensions, or thinking about splashing the cash, I’ll run you through which ones to consider from this latest wave.

LEVEL PACK: A Spook Central Adventure (Ghostbusters)

The second classic 80s movie franchise to get the Level Pack treatment after Back to the Future, the Ghostbusters level pack is a whole heap of fun. If you’ve already picked up the larger Ecto 1 Lego set, there are a couple of neat touches that set the Peter Venkman minifig apart from those in there (such as some new printing on the arms and a new hairpiece), and the supplementary models are really impressive too. The mini Ecto 1 is perfectly deformed to be as cute as the rest of the vehicles, and the trap looks as authentic as it can do, with some nice little custom pieces as well. Onward toward the actual level pack, and, well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag in all honesty. It opens extremely strongly, and follows the plot of the movie pretty well, with a brilliant closing battle against a massive Stay Puft marshmallow man atop a skyscraper, but there’s a weird lull in the middle where you don’t have much to do, and if I’m honest, it begins to drag. The new mechanic of Venkman’s ghostbusting is pretty fun initially, but after the 7th or 8th time was a bit much. However, being as invested in the franchise as I am, I thoroughly enjoyed those highs to a point where I’d be more than happy to recommend this pack.

BUY IT? Yup!

TEAM PACK: The Joker/Harley Quinn

Batman’s nemesis and his lady friend are the Team Pack release this time round, and their appearance is supplemented by some pretty good vehicles to build up. The joker’s helicopter is a pretty standard mini helicopter, and Harley’s “Quinn Mobile” has a neat little weapon in the form of a hammer that flips from side to side. The Joker’s minifig is brilliant, with his trademark purple suit, green hair and white face combo, he’s a bold and bright addition to anyone’s collection. However, I was a little disappointed with Harley’s figure. It seems like the black print on her body is a little thin, and doesn’t look as solid as I’d personally have liked it to be. However, her comedy oversized hammer is mightily amusing, and makes up for the slightly disappointing body print. In game, they don’t really do much else different to a few of the other characters that are in the game. One for the hardcore fans or collectors, I think.

BUY IT? Maybe.

FUN PACK: Sensei Wu (Ninjago)

Another addition to the Ninjago set, Sensei Wu is a fun minifig, with an absolutely fantastic “vehicle” build in the form of the Flying White Dragon. Hugely complex for a Dimensions vehicle, with a lot of small moving parts, there’s a lot to like in this fun pack, even if you’re not a fan of the Ninjago series. Again, not a huge amount that’s not been brought in with previous figures, but if you want to delve in and pick up a Ninjago figure to unlock the hub world, Sensei Wu is probably the one to go for, mainly down to the fantastic Dragon build.

BUY IT? If you want to open up the Ninjago hub, or just love fun Lego builds, then yes.

FUN PACK: Doc Brown (Back to the Future)

If you’ve not picked up the Back to the Future Level pack yet, then Doc Brown is the cheapest way to unlock what I feel is the best hub world in the game. Of course, if you’ve already picked up the BTTF Level pack, then you’re going to want to complete the set with Doc and the Time Train – another fun time travelling vehicle! Doc also has the Drone ability, which you may not have if you’ve yet to invest in much past the starter set.

BUY IT? Absolutely!

FUN PACK: Cyberman (Doctor Who)

Wrapping up Wave 3, we’ve got a Cyberman from Doctor Who, along with a Dalek as the vehicle. A couple of neat in game abilities (Mind control, hacking, a drone and the Silver bomb ability) add some extra value to the Cyberman. The Dalek is a fairly fun build with some clever hiding places for those extra blocks, and, despite not being the biggest fan of Doctor Who, I had a fair bit of fun with the Cyberman set. Similarly to Doc Brown, this is also the cheapest way of unlocking the Doctor Who hub world, which is its own arena full of fun!

BUY IT? If you’re a Doctor Who fan, yes. If you need someone with a drone or hacking, then yes. Otherwise, it’s purely a personal choice!

And there we have it! Thanks to WB for providing the Wave 3 sets, check out the archived livestream below, and be sure to stay tuned as we’ve got some Lego Dimensions stuff to give away when we go through our mammoth live stream at the end of February!


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