LEGO Dimensions – Wave 4 Wrap-up


AKA “The wave where they stuck a Midway Collection into a LEGO game”…

LEGO Dimensions Wave 4 hits on Friday, and with it comes the final Level Pack. And boy, is it a peach. Let’s get straight into it and see which packs you should grab!

LEVEL PACK: Midway Arcade Level Pack

I don’t really know where to start on this one, but it’s fantastic. Starting off with a “typical” LEGO level, set in an old and dusty arcade that’s seemingly come to life, the Midway level very quickly becomes an entirely different beast. For you see, you get to build an arcade cabinet out of LEGO. And once you put that arcade cabinet on the toy pad, it becomes a portal to a TON of old school Midway Arcade gams. The box says over 20, but in this initial area there are 8 (that I could see) to get your teeth stuck into. Starting off with Spy Hunter and Joust, moving through the likes of Defender and Gauntlet, to the finale of Rampage, I had an absolute blast, with a smile stuck on my face. The Physical LEGO is also a huge plus point to this pack. The “Gamer Kid” is a cool minifig (with a variety of special powers that you can cycle through in game), the Spy Hunter car is pretty generic, but the meat of it is in the arcade cabinet. A green obelisk of retro goodness, with printed sides, banners and screen (no stickers in here), it’s as faithful a recreation as you’re going to get of an old school arcade cab. If you’re a fan of old school games as well as Lego, this is an absolute must buy.

BUY IT? Absolutely!

FUN PACK: Stay Puft/Terror Dog (Ghostbusters)

The Ghostbusters Level Pack got released in Wave 3, and with it opened the door for a few more iconic characters to drop into the maelstrom of plastic bricks. Stay Puft is the first of two additional franchise characters, with Slimer coming in the next batch. In-game, Stay Puft is one of the “giants”, with the ability to increase in size by holding Circle until he’s huge. It’s not a unique ability by any stretch (Homer and Cyborg currently have the ability, with Bane having it next wave), but it’s quite a cool one for anyone who’s after a giant in the game. Again, there aren’t really any unique abilities, but it’s a fun addition. On the physical toy side, however, the Terror Dog is a great little build, with a lot of nostalgia coming in when I was building it. The Stay Puft minifig is one of the cutest figures I think I’ve seen LEGO produce, and the fact that it’s currently a Dimensions exclusive is a bonus for fans of the game. If you’re a collector, or indeed have a fondness for the Ghostbusters franchise, it’s a worthwhile pick up.

BUY IT? If you like Ghostbusters, unique figures and fun builds, then yes!

FUN PACK: Aquaman (DC Comics)

This is probably it. The one LEGO Dimensions fans have been waiting for since day 1. Finally, we can unlock everything now! Aquaman’s Atlantis portals are a burden to us no more, allowing those who have been shackled by his watery bonds a chance to complete all of the minikits in the game. Aquaman’s abilities besides the Atlantis Portals are pretty standard, he can dive, he can shoot water and he can fire jets of liquid nitrogen from his nostrils. That last one isn’t true, but let’s face it, most people will have skipped over this entry if they’re a fan of the game because they’ll get him anyway. His vehicle is a silly looking boat/submarine, which rather hilariously flops about like a fish when deployed on land. But ultimately, he unlocks those bloody Atlantis portals. We’ve been waiting for so long for this. Need I say more?

BUY IT? If you want those in game items, then you need Aquaman in your collection. Simple.

FUN PACK: Superman (DC Comics)

Finally, we’ve got the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Clark Kent’s alter ego makes an appearance in the DC stable, and honestly, there’s not much unique about him. I mean, he can fly, but there’s no real in game benefit to this, unless I’ve sorely missed something. He has the laser eyes and the freeze breath we’ve come to expect from a Lego Supes, but not much else. His vehicle (a ‘hover pod’) is somewhat superfluous given that, y’know, he’s SUPERMAN, but if you’re into your DC figures then he’s probably worth picking up. There’s not too much to shout about in the physical toy area either, given that a Superman minifig is as common as your average yellow headed townsperson, but there is something undeniably cool about having Batman and Superman sat next to each other on your shelf and imagining a Toy Story style scenario as they beat seven bells out of each other when you’ve left the room. What, just me?

BUY IT? Completionists and “Superfans” only, I think.

And that’s it for Wave 4! Are you considering picking anything up? Let us know below, and check out the video wrap up on YouTube!


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