LEGO Friends Announced


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced LEGO Friends which will be released for the Nintendo DS and 3DS this Autumn.

LEGO Friends will come featuring creative gameplay based on the fun and excitement found in the already-popular LEGO Friends collection of building sets, which launched in 2012 and introduces new adventures in 2013.

Players will be invited and welcomed to Heartlake City where a summer of fun waits. They will have complete freedom to express their unique style, explore areas and activities that interest them most, such as perfecting a dance routine in the studio, taking a few shots on goal at football practice, or visiting the store to get cool items to customize their character, as they build friendships with their five new friends.

Building friendships is the core of the game and as players meet new friends and share adventures together such as helping Emma take pictures for her next newspaper article or reviewing song choices for Andrea’s next performance. Players will grow their friendship levels with each character. Once players reach “true friend” status with all of the characters, they are able to build a Heartlake Celebration for them.

Players can also choose to care for a range of different pets by training and grooming them so that they can enter them in a pet show.  Pets will have a special skill that players can use to help them in their adventures.  Plus, players can trade places with the fun-loving pets to play the game from the animal’s perspective. The in-game camera can also be used for fun photo ops to create a scrapbook of friendship memories

Screenshots of the boxart have also been released. Let us know your thoughts on LEGO Friends via the comment section below.

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