LEGO Worlds gets Halloween themed DLC


It’ll have you pooping bricks

New Halloween themed DLC – Monsters Pack – is out today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The Monsters Pack DLC includes a bunch of new characters, vehicles, buildings each with a spooky twist and also a few new achievements/trophies for extra measure. The DLC takes place in Monster Town, a spooky town packed to the rafters with charming yet creepy content. From the haunted mansion to the ghostly moon, the whole vibe from the DLC is incredibly pleasing and captures that child-like feeling of Halloween perfectly.


You can’t help but smile at the countless horror movie references in the trailer above with appearances from The Fly, IT & Samara, each perfectly portrayed and situated in this spooky scene.

Monsters Pack DLC is available on PS4 for £3.29, Xbox One for £3.19 and for free on Switch if you purchased the physical game.

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