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Let The Girls Play


Following on from a suggestions last year to include female players in the FIFA series, an online petition to support this cause has surfaced online.

The petition, that was posted by Fernanda Schabarum (a resident of Boca Raton, Florida, USA), will reignite an cause that seems to interest many. In an interview last year, FIFA series head David Rutter said that EA Sports did not have any current plans to include female players in the FIFA series.

With women’s football (or soccer in the US) growing in popularity year on year there will surely come a time in the near future where EA Sports and other football game producing companies will have to seriously consider including female players. Time will tell how successful this petition will be, but it’s a good start. It’s important to note that including female players in-game will require quite an effort in both game design (including female characteristics and traits) as well as a pretty labour intensive scouting effort. In the meantime you can just admire this photo of Snoop Dogg (Lion) with his impressive starting squad.

All together now, “We Want Alex Morgan”!

Source: VG247

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