Lighter and Thinner PlayStation Vita Announced


Sony has announced that they’ll be releasing a redesigned version of the PlayStation Vita in Japan on 10th October in Japan.

The announcement was made during a press conference in Japan just this morning.

As expected, the redesigned PlayStation Vita will be 20% thinner and around 15% lighter than the current model. It will also include 1GB of onboard memory, although anyone who uses there PlayStation Vita quite a bit will know that’s definitely not enough. You’ll more than likely still need to purchase a memory card. Still, it’s nice that the PlayStation Vita now has some memory inside it out of the box.

The thinner and lighter Vita will also have a better battery life, now allowing up to now up to six hours gameplay time.

Just because everyone loves choice (we certainly do), the new model will be available in a range of colours when it launches, including yellow, pink, white, gray, lime green and and light blue. We quite like the white one. It looks shiny and pure.

In less exciting news, the redesigned PlayStation Vita will not have sexy OLED screen, instead it will be replaced by an LED one. Hmm. Yeah, we still want one!

Sony has not yet mentioned any details regarding a North American or European launch, but as soon as they do we’ll be sure to let you know. Now, go check out some lovely images and watch the reveal video below.



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