Little Big Planet 2 – Move Pack DLC Trailer


The new DLC released today for Media Molecule’s popular platformer Little Big Planet 2 was celebrated with the release of a new story trailer.

The trailer shows the new campaign ‘The Rise of the Cakeling’. It includes five story levels and seven side levels and also features new move controller compatibility and game mechanics.


Move Pack contents:

A brand new story for LittleBigPlanet 2 – The Rise of the Cakeling with 14 new levels (5 levels, 7 mini games and 2 cutscenes)
A new powerup for Sackboy: The Brane Crane
3 huge new powerful gadgets for use with PlayStationMove: The Movinator, The Move Recorder, The Paint Tool
4 Interactive Music Tracks
8 Music Sequencer Tracks
A new Sound Object containing 32 new sounds
17 new Music Sequencer Instruments
A new level background
6 New Costumes
18 Materials
41 Decorations
13 Objects
66 Stickers
39 new LittleBigPlanet Pins
11 brand new PlayStation Trophies

The ‘Move Pack’ DLC was released today in the US and tomorrow (14th September) in Europe.

Source: CVG


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