LittleBigPlanet 2 Official Screenshots Revealed


Yet another LittleBigPlanet 2 article and this time its in the form of official screenshots that have been posted by the News Of The World. A little early from them to post them as the actual embargo doesnt end till 2pm tomorrow (U.K time) and then all things LittleBigPlanet 2 will be revealed. The screenshots are below –

Also, the News Of The World had this to say –

THIS is digital puppetry on an epic scale…

… the sort that would make Gepetto rush out and buy a PlayStation 3.

We were treated to a First Play of the mind-blowing Little Big Planet 2 – the follow-up to Sony’s smash hit which shifted 3 million units.

As well as picking up 14 game of the year awards in 2008, LBP1 has seen 2.3 million ingenious levels uploaded to the LBP community.

And like He-Man on steroids, you have the power in LBP2 – and lots of it.

Not only is it a platform game, but it’s now a platform FOR games. Because it’s not just levels you’ll be creating – this time you build entire games! LBP2 is massive, with an endless scope for players show off their creativity to 1 BILLION internet users.

Stream allows you to keep up with your LBP earth when away from the PS3. You can see a pal’s earth, put one of their creations into your play queue, and play it when you get home.

All levels from the original are compatible with LBP2. And they even look better thanks to some up-scaling wizardry from Media Molecule. The re-mastered graphics engine also adds a flawless finish to the artwork, which has different themes from Techno Renaissance to Fluffy Hi-Tech.

The original suffered from the limited amount of non-player characters. This time round though there are Sack Bots. These cute numbers can be customised to your liking and you can also tweak their A.I (microchip adjustable fun) – make your Sack Bot follow, patrol or afraid of heights.

We were also treated to a brain-melting display of new gaming. The 6-axis Direct Control Seat sees the circuit board of your PS3 controller on screen, which you change to suit a wacky vehicle. Basically, you design your very own control mechanism.

And no game is complete without an interactive cutscene. Jump into the director’s chair, set your cameras, get some actors (Sack Bots), and add a voice over.

LBP2 is more than just a game. It’s a creative tool that serves MILLIONS – a 21st century canvas for 21st century artists.

With such an endless reach, it won’t be long after its release in the autumn before someone, using LBP2, creates an entire new genre of gaming.

Keep checking back for more LittleBigPlanet 2 info tomorrow as thats when all will be revealed regarding the follow up to one of the biggest PS3 title to date.

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