Logitech PowerPlay Mouse Pad/G502 Lightspeed Mouse Review


All the power, none of the wires.

Wireless charging’s great, isn’t it? Ever since I got my first phone with it included, I’ve become a complete convert. I have wireless chargers in every room of my house now, I have a wireless charging dock on my desk at work, and I have a wireless cradle in my car. My phone is rarely out of juice now, and it’s all thanks to a “drop and go” attitude that I’ve been able to adopt thanks to the technology. So when Logitech asked if we wanted to check out their Powerplay mouse pad and the Lightspeed Wireless version of their class-leading G502 mouse, I leapt at the chance.

Logitech’s promise with the Powerplay pad is fairly simple. If you have a compatible mouse, you simply swap out a disc in the bottom of it with the one that’s included with the pad, and the two will use inductive charging to make sure your mouse is kept topped up with power through even the longest gaming session, and ensuring you’re never caught short at a crucial moment. It’s a seamless system, with painless setup. Of course, it’s not 100% wireless, as you will need to hook up the mouse pad to a power source, in the form of your PC’s USB port. This is crucial, as the Powerplay Pad not only charges your mouse, but the little hub at the top also acts as your wireless receiver, which is a fantastic touch. It also includes that essential component of any PC setup: RGB Lighting. Of course, it’s only a small logo, but it’s customisable through the Logitech G Hub software. I’ve mentioned my grumbles with the software before, and they are small, but it’s functional enough to tweak the settings you need to for any relevant peripherals that you may own.

The Powerplay pad comes with two different surfaces. A hard, plastic one for those that need their mouse to zip across it with the highest precision and speed, and a softer one that’s extremely well suited to day-to-day use. It all comes down to personal preference, and both of the large surfaces sit atop the actual charging base with no adhesive, relying on an extremely grippy rubber texture to ensure there is no slippage during even your most furious movements in the middle of an intense firefight. It’s nice that the choice is there, although I would have preferred a slightly more rounded or soft edge to them, as it can feel a little bit sharp if you happen to catch the plastic one at times.

Overall though, the Powerplay pad is a great piece of kit. Yes, there’s a cable coming from it, but it eliminates one of the more irritating aspects of using a wireless mouse in having to charge it, while retaining the freedom that a wireless mouse offers up.

Of course, a fancy mouse pad is nothing without a fancy mouse to go along with it, and that’s where the G502 Lightspeed comes in. A wireless version of the classic G502 mouse, its striking design and comfortable feel being the first things that stand out upon getting hold of one. An updated sensor, allowing for up to 16,000 DPI, gives you an astonishing amount of control over a huge range of settings. There are 11 customisable buttons, along with a scroll wheel lock, and a “headshot mode” button, which dramatically reduces the sensitivity on the fly, allowing you to get much finer movement over your cursor and pulling off some impressively accurate movements without a ton of additional effort.

For all its aggressive angles and sharp aesthetic features, the G502 is remarkably comfortable to use, especially for extended periods of time. It’s not quite as wide as the G604 which I previously reviewed, but it’s got a really nice feel to it, with a smooth body and a thumb rest at the side, which is a nice design touch. The scroll wheel in the G502 doesn’t feel as heavy as the G604, but it’s still got that wonderful ability to unlock itself and freewheel all the way up and down if you want it to. The next feature is one that was a first for me. I’ve never owned a gaming mouse that’s had an adjustable weight. The G502 shows that it means business, and includes a pack of 6 additional weights to adjust the feel of your mouse accordingly. As someone who’s not had this level of customisability before, it’s a weird feeling when your mouse goes from super light to substantially heavier, even though it’s only really a few grams. I’m still finding my ideal weight for it, but the fact that the options are there is a really nice touch, although one that I’d expect in a mouse this expensive!

The biggest thing that Logitech claim with their lightspeed series, as noted with the G604, is the claim that it’s almost as fast as a wired mouse. I’m no eSports player, for sure, but the thing I’ve always liked about having a cable coming from my mouse is that the connection is consistent and fast, not to mention the lack of charging requirements! From my experience with both of these mice, I can safely say that things definitely feel more responsive, and I’ve never had any issues in terms of reliability with the wireless signal. If you are experiencing problems though, the mouse comes with an extension cable for the receiver (If you’re not using a Powerplay pad) via a handy Micro USB to USB Type A port adapter, which is something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it!

And yes, there’s RGB lighting on this too. Two zones light up, with the G logo and three lines lighting up on the side. It’s subtle, which is appreciated on a mouse as aggressively styled as this one. It syncs up with the Powerplay pad and any other Logitech devices you have as well via the G Hub software, so you can have everything synced up nicely if you wish.

Logitech’s G Series of peripherals continue to impress me. The G502 is clearly tailored toward the competitive gaming market, but I found it an incredibly comfortable and versatile mouse even for day to day use. When combined with the fantastic Powerplay mouse pad, however, it becomes a different beast altogether. A blazingly fast and responsive mouse, without the encumbrance of a cable, and all without the need to worry about battery life. Ever. An absolutely perfect partnership.

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