Lost – Lost Planet 2 Content for PS3


Recently the Lost Planet 2 producer, Jun Takeuchi had stated that a lot of content had to be cut from the 360 version of the game due to a problem with disc space and nobody was sure if the content was being cut from the PS3 version as well. This is what Jun Takeuchi had to say about the 360’s disc space issues –

“This time, truly, the content that was cut was significant,” he said, “and at the end, we had to wrestle with disc space.”

It seemed like he was hinting that the it was only the 360 version that has been cut and the PS3 will have all content included but after a spokesman from Capcom spoke about this issue today, its not great news for PS3 owners either. Brian Keltner from Capcom said –

“The major content for both versions will be identical and ensure an enjoyable experience for consumers of either platform.” Going on further to say “the development team has kept the most important elements of the game and we are confident that consumers will not be disappointed with Lost Planet 2 and the variety of massive Akrid, powerful vital suits, beautiful environments and deep level of customization included in the final product.”

Interesting considering the PS3 has a huge amount of disc space available as we know thanks to the Blu-Ray discs it uses rather than that of the 360 that uses DVD 9 discs which are limited in disc space. Part of me can understand the decision as they wouldn’t want to include the content on the PS3 version and not the 360 version as it would annoy 360 owners but then again, why should PS3 owners have to end up paying for the DLC now because the 360 discs cant hold enough data? Of course, its not been announced yet if we will indeed have to pay for the DLC but can you honestly see them giving it away free? i cant. We have to get used to this now though as its the way developers work and i can understand in alot of instances but im not 100% convinced with this one. Seems a bit fishy to me. Microsoft really need to think of a way round this problem either by having Blu-Ray drives built into 360’s or come up with another plan as this is affecting gamers in more ways than people think and it wont be long before developers will be using a huge amount more disc space compared to what they are now and this could end up being a major problem.

To view the original article, click the link – http://meodia.com/news/704/lost-planet-2-lost-content-on-ps3/

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