Lost Planet 2: Character Skins – First Screenshots


Some screenshots here, this time for Lost Planet 2, more specifically of Lost Planet 2 – character skins.

Since Capcom currently has no plans to bring the Monster Hunter series to the PlayStation 3, they are teasing PS3 owners by having the option of playing as a Monster Hunter character in their upcoming third-person shooter, Lost Planet 2. Revealed in Famitsu yesterday, Capcom has released the first screens to accompany this announcement and graphically, this will make you want Monster Hunter on the PS3 even more. As of now, Capcom hasn’t announced the pricing details on this DLC, but with it looking this good, many gamers in Japan will surely pay whatever Capcom asks for it.

Lost Planet 2 is due to release in May on the PS3 and Xbox 360 — which will also feature several Gears of War characters.

Here is a sneak preview of the four new screenshots:

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