Lost Planet 2: Demo Available On PSN


Another post regarding a demo release, this time, the game in question is Lost Planet 2.

If you enjoyed the original Lost Planet game now is your chance to try out the second iteration via the Playstation 3. Capcom recently released Lost Planet 2 with multiplayer capability so you can get your frag on. Unfortunately, the demo won’t be available publicly until April 22nd but you can get your hands on it early via several different methods including the official Lost Planet community website.

Additionally, Capcom is flexing its financial muscle by offering a challenge. If 1.5 million players download the upcoming demo they’ll donate $25k to charity with $20,000 being donated if it hits 1 million downloads. The charity of choice is Music for Relief which is currently raising money for Haiti, downloading a game seems to be a small price to pay to help out a charity with that agenda.

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